Geronimo OT -
The new therapy and skill-development service from Wild Rumpus Community Services


Our Mission

Geronimo Occupational Therapy provide a range of support options for children and young people who have a disability.  We provide support with an emphasis on increasing skill development and social opportunities – offering individuals more creativity and innovation in service delivery.

We have a greater understanding of the needs of the children and young people we support, and develop programs based on addressing those needs.

Geronimo OT aims to place themselves as the next generation of disability service providers – breaking away from traditional models of support adopted by our competitors. We focus on providing a different range of experiences, which have a long-term goal of enabling participants to be active, valued community members.

We have a commitment to meet legislative requirements, ensuring the dignity and rights of the people we support. As the National Disability Insurance Scheme rolls out in regions we operate we will endeavour to remain a registered disability service provider – creating easier access of supports to participants. We have a commitment to meet both state and commonwealth legislation, and to seek advice from bodies to help us meet this commitments.

You gave me the skills and knowledge to change my own life, and now I am doing all the things I’ve dreamed about.
— Deanne Smith, Geronimo OT Participant